The Hole

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They’d been in the vacant block for the last month, clearing and digging, filling the street with the inescapable racket of machinery. The hole started out as foundations for a basement and it was pretty deep, even before they broke through the concrete ceiling of the tunnel. I couldn’t get a good look at it from my bedroom window, but it looked like it might have had stairs. I didn’t like the idea of a having a dirty great hole right next to my house, I’ve seen sinkholes and they’re serious business. I refused to give the tradesmen my torch when they wandered over claiming they’d heard someone down there.
How was I supposed to know they’d go down anyway? It sure as hell wasn’t my fault they didn’t come back up again. The two boys across the street went down next. I watched out my window as they stood on the lip of that gaping maw and shone their torches down. The oldest spoke in a furtive whisper; “Do you hear it?” His brother nodded as they began their eager descent. Since then, I’ve watched fifteen people climb down into that pit. None have come back up. At first I thought maybe they’d found another exit, but that was before I heard it; the whispering. I haven't slept in days. I can hear them in the night; the tradesman from the first day, Greg from next door, those two little boys…
They’re begging me to come and look. They say have something to show me.


from Volume I, released September 30, 2013



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