Volume I

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released September 30, 2013

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Track Name: The Hole
They’d been in the vacant block for the last month, clearing and digging, filling the street with the inescapable racket of machinery. The hole started out as foundations for a basement and it was pretty deep, even before they broke through the concrete ceiling of the tunnel. I couldn’t get a good look at it from my bedroom window, but it looked like it might have had stairs. I didn’t like the idea of a having a dirty great hole right next to my house, I’ve seen sinkholes and they’re serious business. I refused to give the tradesmen my torch when they wandered over claiming they’d heard someone down there.
How was I supposed to know they’d go down anyway? It sure as hell wasn’t my fault they didn’t come back up again. The two boys across the street went down next. I watched out my window as they stood on the lip of that gaping maw and shone their torches down. The oldest spoke in a furtive whisper; “Do you hear it?” His brother nodded as they began their eager descent. Since then, I’ve watched fifteen people climb down into that pit. None have come back up. At first I thought maybe they’d found another exit, but that was before I heard it; the whispering. I haven't slept in days. I can hear them in the night; the tradesman from the first day, Greg from next door, those two little boys…
They’re begging me to come and look. They say have something to show me.
Track Name: Turn Around
Turn around.
Nothing there right?
Just empty space. Air, maybe a breeze, furniture, stairs, Bed & maybe a window, whatever it's unimportant.
It just matters that there is no one there, right?
Did you feel that?
That flicker on your spine?
Don't worry, it's probably because you've been up reading scary stories! Paranoia is normal.
You want to turn around again?
Go on then.
Now you're back, I have one order.
Do not turn around again.
You've looked through it twice, it has looked through you.
If you turn around, you will see it. And if you see it, it will see you. You're safe for now, with your eyes facing me.
But you have to realize, you have now turned to face this way three times.
I wouldn't look up if I were you.
Track Name: Waiting
You sit there, worried. Your parents haven’t come home in ages, and you're starting to get nervous. Where were they when you needed them, dammit. You swore you heard moving in the kitchen… God, not now, of all times… You get up, slightly shaken. Nobody’s in the kitchen. You're home alone.
You walk over, scared. Its pitch within the boundaries of the door, like a gaping maw waiting for you. Calling. By now, you're quite regretting having gotten up in the first place, but you walk in anyways. You hold your hand on the switch (which was slightly sticky) and take a deep breath.
You flick on the light.
Your dog and sister are laid out on the kitchen island, butchered. Bloody. Massacred. You sigh in relief. Thank fuck the neighbors hadn't heard the screaming. You were actually worried for a second there. Chuckling, you head back to the lounge, place the machete back on your lap, and wait for your parents to come back.
Any time now.
Track Name: To Fear That Which We Love
My wife's face. Her beautiful face. I've never been so frightened to gaze upon it before. It used to bring me comfort during times of distress and hardship, but no more. Now it brings me nothing but despair and terror. I wish that I could see her loving, encouraging gaze one last time. The way it was before. Before this psychopath did this to us.

Before he broke into our home in the dead of night and held us at gunpoint. Before he shackled us to the bed post with chains and gagged our mouths.

He murdered her. He carved her up with a blade and forced me to watch. I saw him skin her from head to toe. It was as if each of my tears empowered him to do more despicable things to her body. Now as I stare into the deranged eyes of this lunatic I couldn't be more afraid because I know I'm next. My wife's face. Her beautiful face. And this maniac is wearing it like a mask.
Track Name: The Beast
Matt is walking through the woods at midnight. He doesn't quite remember how he got there, but he loves the woods so it doesn't matter. He walks awhile until he trips over a pair of mud covered and torn jeans. Curious he picks them up daintily touching as little of them as possible. He Digs around in all of the pockets until he finds a note. The note reads as follows "if you've found this note they've caught me but there may still be time to save yourself. You're being hunted. I can't tell you by what or who because I don't know, but it's big and strong. What I can tell you is these woods are strange. Every twig snap, every rustle of leaves is déjà vu. Everything is so familiar, yet so alien at the same time. At this point all I can do is wish you luck, because if you found this note it's found your scent. And it's been tracking you for a while now."
Just as Matt finishes reading he hears a twig snap a few yards behind him. He bolts like deer in hunting season. After all he's in a very similar situation. He runs as fast as he can but he can hear the creature gaining on him. Up ahead he sees a clearing . The road he's, made it! No, wait, a cliff. He drops to the ground in an effort to stop. He rummages through his pockets looking for something to defend himself with, but all he finds is pen and paper. He scribbles a note and stuffs it into his jacket pocket. He throws his jacket on the ground and jumps off the cliff not willing to die at the hands of some creature.

Matt is walking through the woods at midnight. He doesn't quite remember how he got there, but he loves the woods so it doesn't matter. He walks a while until he feels paper inside his jacket pocket. He pulls it out and begins to read. A twig snaps behind him and he turns around to a horrifying sight. Himself, twisted and broken like he'd fallen off a cliff. The disfigured version of him growls and Matt drops the paper and runs as fast as he can. The note reads. "Turn around, I'm behind you."